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We are absolutely thrilled to have you on our website. This website is developed to showcase our award winning and exhibited work in fashion and wedding photography and makeup. All of this was achieved over a period of several years with immense hard work and hours of professional training.


Our journey was not different than all other successful artists, we had some good and some bad days, we showed gratitude to the good days and accepted them humbly and learnt lessons from the bad days and never repeated those mistakes again. Today we are a successful team of husband and wife that can bring joy to your lives by providing professional services in makeup, hairstyling and photography. We’ll capture those moments of yours, which you will cherish for the lifetime!

We once again welcome you to our website and hope we play a small role in creating and capturing your lovely memories!

Feel free to leave your details and inquiry with us and we’ll get back to you in no time.

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